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Cold Lake's Leading Gymnastics Club

We believe that staying both physically and mentally active is vital to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we operate Cold Lake's leading gymnastics facility that caters to both competitive and recreational athletes. Our space functions as a safe haven for the community members of Cold Lake, no matter their age, gender, or fitness background. Join us today to become a part of our ever-growing club.

Lakeland Gymnastics Club Society is a not-for-profit organization, run by a dedicated Board of Directors.  To keep athlete registration and competition fees as low as possible, all athletes are required to complete required volunteer hours and participate in fundraising commitments when possible. 

Gymnasts Practicing


Have something to say and want to get involved?  Join our Board of Directors!  Positions are available. 

As a not-for-profit club, Lakeland Gymnastics Club is governed by a Board of Directors – volunteers from the community who share the mission and vision of the club and are responsible for its well-being.

Board members are responsible for the governance and accountability of the organization and come from different backgrounds with different experiences.  Recreational and competitive parents are welcome.  

As a Board director, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience in governance and working in the not-for-profit sector, develop and broaden your leadership skills, and expand networking opportunities. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to work alongside a committed group of people to fulfill a mission of continuing to provide recreational and competitive gymnastics in the Lakeland.


Melanie Bossence- President
Deb Schieman- Treasurer & Bookkeeper
Sheryl Parker- Secretary

Gary Bowhey- Maintenance Coordinator
Courtney Gartner- Fundraising Coordinator

Sabrina Gelowitz Somers- Social Media Coordinator

Justine Getz- Bingo Coordinator
Sara Girard- Grant Coordinator
Hope Hellerud- Volunteer Coordinator

Sheri Rice- Competitive Team Liaison 

Leslie Thom- Head Coach


Want to know more?  Check out our Fall 2020 Newsletter.

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