In accordance with the Government of Alberta's Enhanced Public Health Measures - Business and Services and the Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) guidelines, we are no longer permitted to offer group classes (until our area moves out of the Enhanced 'purple' zone).

To allow our gymnasts to complete the Fall session, we are pleased to offer, at no additional cost to currently registered gymnasts, one-on-one classes (up to 25% facility capacity).

  1. Classes will be between 25 and 45 min in length.  

  2. Registration will open at approximately 6pm on Saturday Dec 5 and 12, 2020 to allow gymnasts to register for the following week.

  3. Registration is first come, first serve.

  4. Please register (only once a week) for your current day and approximate class time (class timings vary slightly to allow for shorter classes and increased sanitization measures).        

  5. We can allow TWO siblings from the same household in one time slot (as long as they are within one level of each other- excluding Wiggletunes). Eg. Tumbleweeds and Jumping Beans.  Please input BOTH children's names in the 'Gymnast Name' registration box.  

  6. If there is no spot available around your gymnasts timeslot, please contact the Club and we will do our best to make arrangements.


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